Anand has put his recently opened weblog to good use, a couple of days ago he posted some Half-Life 2 performance scores (note that the benchmark utility still hasn't been released as was expected) running on upcoming Radeon 9800XT and GeForceFX 5950u videocards. Although the tests were not run by Anand himself or under a controlled environment he says numbers were provided by a "reliable source".

ATI was running in their DX9 codepath and the mixed mode codepath was used for NVIDIA. No AA/AF was enabled and we're looking at 1024x768 scores. IMO this scenario should work quite better for NVIDIA since GeForce boards perform worse with AA and anisotropic settings enabled.

On a semi-related note, The Inq guys noticed some sort of easter egg going on at Anand's recent videocard round up. Under test bed configuration they vaguely quote a "2.8GHz Intel Processor", however if you highlight that line with your mouse you will see the word "Prescott" hidden on the white background.