Bottom line: American movie theater chain Regal Cinemas is preparing to launch an unlimited movie ticket subscription service at the end of the month. Like AMC, Regal can afford to subsidize ticket costs and make up the difference in concession sales, an advantage that third-party offerings like MoviePass don't possess.

Sources familiar with the matter recently confirmed to Deadline that Regal will offer three tiers - $18, $21 and $24 per month - and that pricing will be based on theater location. For example, the most affordable tier will only grant users access to around half of the chain's theaters while the $24 tier will get you into any Regal theater across the country.

With a lower-tier subscription, however, you can attend a movie in a higher-tier city if you're willing to pay a small upcharge.

Sources say there will also be "10 percent cash reductions on concessions for each tier" and that they'll be immediate versus receiving a voucher to use during your next visit.

It's unclear if premium venues like IMAX will be included in the subscription like they are with competing programs.

Either way, it's great to see yet another major chain warming up to the subscription model. AMC has found tremendous success with its Stubs A-List service, smashing expectations in the first year en route to becoming the top movie subscription offering in North America.

Masthead credit: Regal Cinemas Bridgeport Village by Tada Images