What just happened? When it comes to laptops, it’s usually the case that the smaller they are, the fewer ports they have. But the newly announced SX12 from Vaio is one of the exceptions. Featuring a 12.5-inch screen, it comes with a slew of connectivity ports that would make many 15-inch+ laptops envious.

Weighing 888g (just under two pounds), the SX12 is aimed at those looking for a thin and light machine that offers a wealth of I/O ports. There are three USB A inputs, a USB-C for charging, a full-sized SD card slot, a headphone/microphone port, an ethernet port, HDMI, and even an old-school VGA connection.

Specs-wise, the SX12 offers buyers the choice of Intel 8th-Gen quad-core Core i5 or i7 processors, up to 16GB RAM, and up to 1TB SSD. There’s also a multi-touch trackpad with two buttons, a fingerprint sensor, an anti-glare coating on the display, 14 hours of claimed battery life, a full-size “silent keyboard,” and an optional LTE module, allowing users to get online while on the move.

The Vaio SX12 goes on sale in Japan later this week for between 119,800 yen (~$1,100) to 216,800 yen (~$2,000), depending on the specs and color choice. No word on when or if it’ll make it to the US or Europe, but with the S11 and SX14 available in the states, the SX12 will likely follow suit.