Highly anticipated: We've known Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 is coming for some time now. Back in May, reports claimed that the Note 10 would be getting a "major redesign" when compared to previous Note devices, and numerous other rumors and details about the phone have cropped up from time to time. Now, even more Note 10 leaks have hit the web, courtesy of WinFuture and Ishan Agarwal.

This latest round of leaks come in the form of several official-looking device photos, which seem to line up with previous leaks. Despite what older rumors claimed, these photos once again prove that the Note 10 does indeed still have physical buttons: there's an obvious volume button and a smaller one below that.

Given Samsung's track record, you may at first assume the latter button is a Bixby key. However, it could also be a power button, as there doesn't appear to be one anywhere else on the device (from what we can tell, anyway). On the other hand, such a design could get annoying, as users may accidentally put their phone to sleep when they attempt to lower the speaker volume.

At any rate, let's talk about the Note 10's screen. It's absolutely massive, with the now-standard edgeless glass that we've come to expect from high-end Samsung flagships. Instead of including bezels or a controversial notch, the Note 10 features a "hole-punch" cut-out for its front-facing camera.

It remains to be seen whether or not users will prefer this design to the previously-noted alternatives, but it's certainly a bold choice. Another bold decision is the lack of any obvious fingerprint sensor, which seems to imply that it's either been removed (a la the iPhone X), or moved under the display.

Moving on to the rear of the Note 10, there's not much of note to discuss. It does have three separate camera lenses, but beyond that, it's pretty standard modern smartphone fare: it's likely all-glass to enable wireless charging and it has a simple Samsung logo.

One thing these pictures do not confirm is the existence or lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack. Traditionally, Samsung has taken pride in being one of the last remaining holdouts to still include the ports in their phones (other smartphone makers have forced wireless headphones or dongles on their users), but that could change with the Note 10.

The last major takeaway from these new leaks is the Note 10's color schemes. In addition to a standard black option, Samsung seems to be offering up a much more vivid pearlescent design.

We should learn more about Samsung's latest smartphone sometime next month, which is when the Note 10's official reveal is set to take place.