Bottom line: Should Roku decide to move forward with the project, it'll likely still be a while before it hits the market as it must first pass through the Federal Communications Commission's clearance process.

Roku is reportedly developing a Wi-Fi extender designed to improve video quality when using its streaming platform.

Sources familiar with its development told Bloomberg that the white plastic device measures roughly six inches tall, four inches wide and has a status button on the front with a reset button on the side. It plugs into a wall outlet and is meant to be placed between your Wi-Fi router and Roku box.

The extender is also compatible with televisions featuring integrated Roku hardware and can be set up using an Android or iOS app, sources say.

The device would compete with similar products from companies like Netgear and Linksys.

Another source tells the publication that the media player manufacturer hasn't decided if or when it will bring the product to market. Some of the second-guessing could be related to the fact that the device doesn't work with non-Roku products. Indeed, if you're going to buy a Wi-Fi extender, why not get one that is compatible with all connected devices instead of a proprietary gadget that only works with Roku streamers?

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