Through the looking glass: Sony is crowdfunding a peculiar wearable that aims to keep you cool during the hot summer months and supply warmth during frigid times. Some would say something like this more frivolous than practical. Your thoughts?

Dubbed the Reon Pocket, the smartphone-sized gadget is designed to slip into a pouch on the back of a custom shirt. Rather than blowing hot or cold air down your back, it utilizes the Peltier effect whereby heat is given off or absorbed when an electrical current passes across a junction between two materials. As such, it's reportedly able to cool or warm your back simply by being pressed against it.

Peltiers were a popular choice in the early days of extreme PC cooling but you don't see them in use as much lately.

Temperature control takes place via a smartphone app, we're told. Battery life is rated at less than two hours so don't expect all-day heating or cooling on a single charge.

The shirts for Sony's personal temperature technology are being offered in men's sizes of small, medium and large only and according to the company, the cooling pouch is not visible when worn (presumably as an undershirt beneath an outer garment).

Sony expects to ship the Reon Pocket sometime in 2020 although it'll initially be limited to Japan.