Finally: After being unable to bring a multi-device charging station to market itself, Apple has agreed to sell a pair from the charging gurus at Mophie. They are not quite what Cupertino had promised but are definitely better than nothing — if you can stomach the price.

Apple had promised to bring users a multipurpose Qi charging station called the AirPower wireless charging mat. Unfortunately, overheating and technical hurdles led to Apple eventually nixing the project.

Those who were anxiously awaiting the AirPower mat might be pleased to know that Mophie took up the reins and did what Apple could not.

On Friday, Mophie launched two Qi charging stations, which will be available through Apple. The first is a dual-pad charger can juice up an iPhone and AIrPods at the same time. It also has a USB-A port for plugging in a third device.

The second is a 3-in-1 station that is similar to the dual but throws an Apple Watch charging stand into the mix. The design is slightly different in that there is a slight depression below the watch charger to hold a set of AirPods snuggly. Plus the watch stand is perfectly angled to utilized the Apple Watch's nightstand mode.

Both devices provide 7.5W of output for quick charging. Unfortunately, they can only charge one of each device at the same time. You also will not be able to check charging levels from your phone as Apple had planned with the AirPower.

The dual charger goes for about $100 ($80 from Mophie), while the 3-in-1 is $140. The price seems somewhat steep compared with other multi-device chargers. However, it is $10 less than what Apple was planning to charge for the AirPower.

Mophie also unveiled two USB-C car chargers. One is a $25 single port with 18W output. The other is a 12W dual USB-A port, which sells for $30.

All four of the items are available now through the Apple online store or via Mophie's website next week. Also some Apple brick-and-mortar stores will carry them starting next week as well.