In brief: The August Feature Update for Epic's Game Store brings three major updates to the storefront: Cloud Saves, Humble Bundle keyless integration and Refreshed Product Pages.

Slowly but surely, Epic is adding features to its storefront that most gamers have come to expect from the likes of Steam, GOG, Origin, and others. The latest being cloud save support, which the company announced as part of its August Feature Update.

With initial support for 17 different titles including Alan Wake, Darksiders III, This War of Mine and World War Z, the company mentioned that all Ubisoft titles launched through its store also support the cloud save feature thanks to Uplay integration.

As to why not all games on the store have cloud save support, Epic says that they're working with devs of other released games to test the feature and will enable it over time while upcoming games with support for cloud saves will have the feature enabled at launch.

Another feature update includes keyless integration with the Humble Bundle digital storefront. Gamers can now link their Epic Games account with Humble Bundle for purchasing games directly through the store without requiring a redemption key. Once a purchase is made on Humble Bundle, the game will automatically appear in the Epic Games library with the company looking to add more partnerships with "highly reputable digital game sellers."

The third feature update has to do with the look and feel of product pages, which Epic says now offer "beefier game descriptions, better release date visibility for upcoming titles, and allow for additional imagery and videos. This is being done to give developers more control over the presentation of their games, and also for customers to make better purchase decisions."

For its future updates, Epic has highlighted a new installation experience for more games which the company rolled out with For Honor, Epic-hosted videos on the store for giving more options to devs on how to present their games, patch optimization for devs to significantly reduce download sizes, better documentation for devs aided by a technical blog, as well as a new playtime tracking feature which Epic says "is a critical piece for self-service refunds," which will help gamers to determine their eligibility for refunds on new game purchases.

Finally, a refreshed UI is coming for game libraries that'll show a "list view" of games to make better use of screen space by displaying more titles at once. Additional functionality includes sorting and filtering these titles for quick and easy navigation.

While that's all great to see, some PC gamers will be disappointed at the complicated situation of the "preloading" feature on Epic Games Store, a feature that CEO Tim Sweeney said is supported for some games but isn't yet live for highly anticipated titles like Borderlands 3. This means that the game will only be downloadable and ready to play once it releases on September 13, while those on Xbox and PS4 can preload the game ahead of its launch date.