In brief: Gamescom has already seen several exciting trailers drop, one of which is for Gears 5's campaign mode---and it's pretty spectacular.

The Gears of War franchise has a history of producing epic trailers with memorable soundtracks, as those who remember the first game's brilliant 'Mad World' commercial from 2006 will attest. The new story trailer for the fifth installment in the main series brings back memories of that classic, featuring blood, guts, and monsters, all set to the pounding soundtrack of Nine Inch Nails' Head Like a Hole.

Called 'Kait Unleashed,' the clip features protagonist Kait Diaz alongside familiar faces Marcus Fenix and Augustus 'Cole Train' Cole, who is seen piloting a massive mech.

It's never wise to put too much stock into a game trailer, but it does make Gears 5 look awesome. In addition to the usual array of massive beasts, we see Kait kiteboarding in both a fiery environment and on what appears to be a frozen lake.

There's good news for those who like to play their PC games locally with friends, as Gears 5 supports three-player splitscreen on PC. It also supports 4K and ultrawide resolutions, HDR, and uncapped framerates. There are no loot boxes or season passes, and new maps will be free.

Gears 5 arrives on PC and Xbox One on September 10. Those with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can get it on September 6.

For nostalgia reasons, here's that original Gears of War trailer.