A hot potato: It seems that fans of EA's FIFA franchise aren't happy with the latest installment in the series and have taken to the popular review site 'Metacritic' to vent their frustration. With a User Score of 1.3/10 (at the time of writing) on the PS4 - the highest that the game received across all available platforms - it's been criticized by players for its gameplay design choices including nerfing crosses, making header scores nearly impossible, problems with fixtures scheduling and a few other issues in the game's Career Mode, which the publisher acknowledged couldn't be found during the development cycle.

In a few ways, FIFA 20 made strides over its predecessor with its new Volta mode, comprehensive content selection and improved pacing, but the game's problematic Career Mode and several other design choices have tipped the balance towards a general player dislike of the game.

The outcry subsequently led to a response from the game's publisher, EA Sports, regarding what went wrong with this year's release and the upcoming fixes coming to the Career Mode, FIFA Ultimate Team Mode and general gameplay.

Commenting on the AI fielding low OVR-rated lineups in "inappropriate situations," the devs responded that they were "currently investigating a fix that will allow for better accuracy when determining match importance and how it relates to the AI line-up algorithm" and that they also need to "ensure that any changes in this area do not have a negative impact in other Career Mode systems."

Players also reported issues where the top teams were appearing low in the match tables or even being relegated as well as problems with scheduling fixtures in the Career Mode resulting in match congestion. This issue, according to the devs, was caused by the insertion of the "authentic fixture schedule" late in the development cycle of the game. They're investigating a fix along with a sweep of the system to make any further improvements to the algorithms.

Several other problems were addressed by the devs such as skill moves not registering correctly, weak defensive clearances and goalkeeper behavior, for which players can expect fixes in a future Title Update.

Commenting on scoring difficulties with headers, the publisher acknowledged it as a deliberate decision based on feedback from FIFA 19 and that it made this choice in order to "promote skill differentiation and the idea that most of the goals that are scored are the direct result of player actions," further clarifying that no changes would be coming to the game in this department.