A hot potato: Some gamers aren't terribly amused with the offering, and that's understandable considering other subscriptions like Apple Arcade and Xbox Game Pass offer far more titles at just $4.99 and $9.99 per month, respectively. Thoughts?

Bethesda on Wednesday launched a premium membership for Fallout 76 that affords paying subscribers a wealth of new features, exclusive items and benefits.

Private worlds have been requested since before Fallout 76 even launched, Bethesda said, and now they're available through Fallout 1st. Private worlds can accommodate up to eight total players, or you can opt to play completely solo.

Only the owner of the world needs to be a paying subscriber; all other invited members can join free of charge. In the event the owner of the world leaves, the world will persist as long as someone else in the world is a Fallout 1st member.

Subscribers will also receive a monthly stipend of 1,650 Atoms (in-game currency), exclusive discounts in the Atomic Shop, a Scrapbox with unlimited storage to hold extra crafting components and a new Survival Tent that serves as a forward operating base and fast travel point.

Members will additionally receive an exclusive outfit, player icons and emotes, we're told.

Fallout 1st is being offered on a monthly basis for $12.99 or you can opt for a 12-month membership for $99.99, a savings of 36 percent over the monthly rate.