In a nutshell: The mobile gaming landscape looked far different a decade ago than it does today. In lieu of jumping out of battle buses and engaging in on-the-ground combat versus dozens of others in titles like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, mobile gamers were just starting to experiment with physics-based titles like Super Monkey Ball, Cut the Rope and a new game that would go on to become a global phenomenon.

Angry Birds, a casual puzzle game from Rovio, soared onto the scene on December 11, 2009, on iOS – exactly 10 years ago today. While immensely fun to play and addictive in its own right, nobody could have predicted that it would set the stage for what would arguably be the largest mobile gaming franchise of all time.

Rovio parlayed its success into multiple sequels – some with big-name tie-ins – and even explored genres outside of the puzzle realm with racing, role-playing and even tile-matching titles. The franchise’s success transcended traditional gaming, however, as there is also merchandise, television shows and film adaptations based on our flying feathered friends.

To date, Angry Birds games have been downloaded more than 4.5 billion times. Over 1.8 billion consumer products based on the franchise have been sold and it was even the first game to be played in space.

The Angry Birds franchise has waned in popularity as of late – after all, a decade is a very solid run for a franchise of this nature – but it’s not down for the count. Just last month, Rovio created a “Venting Machine” that would reward passers-by for taking their frustrations out on the machine. It’s a unique way to celebrate the 10th anniversary, that’s for sure.