In brief: Google hasn’t updated its distribution dashboard, which lists how many devices are running the different versions of Android, since May, but an unlikely source has revealed the statistics: Pornhub.

Google had updated its Android Platform Distribution dashboard on a monthly basis, giving us an idea of the speed at which new versions of the OS were being adopted, but there hasn’t been an update in about seven months.

Thanks to Pornhub’s annual ‘Year in review,’ however, we get a rough idea of Android's distribution figures. As noted by Android Police, the site is in the top 50 when it comes to global views (according to Alexa rankings), so its analytics will likely be a good representation.

It's worth noting that Pornhub doesn’t have data on the exact number of devices running the different versions of Android, and the information covers the entire year.

The most popular version of Google’s OS visiting Pornhub was Pie, which came out last year. It took 48 percent of all Android traffic. In second place was 2017’s Oreo (23 percent), and then Nougat (12 percent).

Android 10, or Q, only managed to 2 percent of traffic, but seeing as the figures are for the whole year and it was only launched in September that low number is to be expected, especially as it only reached Galaxy phones over the last month.

A Google source told Android Police that its dashboard hasn’t been updated due to “an unexpected loss of the source of usage data, and that the monthly updates should have returned to a regular pace,” but we’re still waiting. Until then, at least Pornhub offers a satisfying alternative.