Something to look forward to: Most PC fans prefer putting together their own rigs rather than buying a pre-built system, but the latter option can have its advantages, such as coming with some unusual cases and features. MSI's MEG Aegis Ti5, for example, has a dial, an OLED panel, and looks like something from the future. It's also the "market's first 5G-compatible desktop."

We usually see weird and wonderful pre-built PCs at events such as CES, but the MEG Aegis Ti5 really stands out. The almost robotic design looks very cool, especially the way it's raised off the surface, which would likely help airflow, but you'll likely find your eye is drawn to the MSI Commander Unit, or MCU.

As reported by Tom's Hardware, the MCU is an OLED display that provides real-time information from the PC, including notifications, statistics such as temperature, and even local weather reports. There's also what MSI is calling a "gaming dial," which allows users to make instant system adjustments.

Another impressive feature is the 5G support, which MSI says offers transfer speeds faster than both 4G and even wired connections, assuming you have access to a 5G network.

As you might imagine, the MEG Aegis Ti5's internals are as impressive as its outer shell. While the specs haven't been finalized, MSI said they should include the latest Core i9, Nvidia's RTX 2080 Ti (or the company's latest GPU), and 128GB of RAM. It also comes with three M.2 SSDs, two 2.5-inch drive bays, a 3.5-inch bay, and a 650W 80 Plus Platinum SFX. Additionally, it uses MSI's Silent Storm 4 cooling setup, which keeps components in separate chambers to improve airflow.

Unsurprisingly, the MEG Aegis Ti5 doesn't come cheap. There's no official release date or price yet, but it's estimated to be around $4,000 when it arrives, likely during the third quarter.