In a nutshell: Huami, the Chinese wearables manufacturer behind the Amazfit line of smartwatches, trackers, and clothing, has partnered with fitness startup Studio for a smart treadmill. Called the Amazfit HomeStudio, it offers users a studio experience from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to the connected screen.

Unlike regular treadmills, the one that comes with the Amazfit HomeStudio lacks a front section; it's all controlled by your smartphone, which fits into the holder at the side. It also comes with JBL surround-sound speakers and a 43-inch HD screen called the Glass that resembles a giant phone.

There are two versions of the treadmill available: one that measures 20 inches wide and 53 inches long, uses a slat belt, and can reach 12mph; and another called the AirRun, which is foldable and tops out at 9mph.

The Glass includes a 3D time-of-flight camera with computer vision detection that analyses your technique. It also comes with a slide cover for those worried about privacy.

When connected to Studio's content, the screen can display over 1,000 classes. And they're not limited to treadmill workouts---users can also take sculpt, stretching, and yoga classes.

There are other connected treadmills available, most notably is the Peloton Tread, which starts at $4,295 and comes with a content subscription fee of $34.99 per month. No word on pricing or availability for the Amazfit HomeStudio, but Huami says the cost "will delight US customers."

"We've spent the past several years perfecting content, community, and software across millions of workouts," said Jason L. Baptiste, co-founder and CEO of Studio. "Partnering with Huami, we can now deliver our content on a device that allows for a highly personal and immersive experience unlike anything else out there on the market."