In brief: Don’t have between $39,900 and $69,900 to buy one of Tesla’s Cybertrucks? Then you could always get a modded iPhone from Russia’s Caviar, which has a design inspired by the boxy vehicle.

The Cyberphone, as it’s called, is essentially just an iPhone 11 Pro inside a titanium protective case. Caviar says that “the design of the body is inspired by the geometry of Tesla's Cybertruck. At the same time, it is improved aesthetically.”

The Cyberphone features a screen cover that doubles as a kickstand, allowing it to be stood up vertically. While the cover might feel a little bulky in your pocket, it appears to offer plenty of protection for the device inside.

Caviar has come up with plenty of unusual and expensive takes on popular devices in the past. There was its $4,300 iPhone X Tesla featuring an attached solar charger, $720 gold-plated AirPods, and a $24,000 jewelry-encrusted iPhone Xs. It’s also produced a $3,000 Apple Watch that pays homage to Vladimir Putin, a $4,300 iPhone 5S engraved with Putin's face, and a $2,500 Nokia commemorating the Russian President’s meeting with Donald Trump.

As with Caviar’s other products, the Cyberphone isn’t cheap. It starts at $5,990 for a 64GB iPhone 11 Pro and goes up to $13,590 for an iPhone 11 Pro Max. There are also ‘Light’ versions that range from $4,260 to $11,860. Only 99 Cyberphones will be made, and at the time of writing, there are 23 units left.