In brief: If you can't be bothered to take your Apple device into a nearby store or ship it off for servicing, a repair tech may come to you. The company has initiated a "new" program that will send an authorized Apple Service Provider to your home to fix your broken iPhone.

According to Apple's support website, users may opt to have a specialist come to their home for certain types of repairs. There are some limitations to the service, however.

First, while we only poked around for a short time on the support site, it seems that only iPhones are eligible for onsite repair and only for specific scenarios. For instance, a technician can come out and fix a broken screen, but to replace the battery, users will have to take it to the Genius Bar or another authorized provider. When going to schedule a repair through Apple, the support pages will automatically offer onsite repair options if available.

Additionally, it is only offered in a small handful of cites. MacRumors notes that currently, onsite repairs are only available in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The limited coverage may be due to Apple contracting with Go Tech Services, but it could easily add more industry professionals down the road. It may also be that Cupertino is testing response before rolling it out to a wider swath of users.

That said, it never hurts to check with AppleCare, as well. I had the screen on my 27-inch iMac replaced at my home several years ago by a third-party technician. As one would expect, there is a fee tacked on to the standard repair cost, but if you have ever tried to lug an awkward 30-pound iMac through a crowded mall, you can appreciate that.

Masthead credit: Aizuddin Saad via Shutterstock