In brief: Following long-running rumors that Microsoft will be removing the Live Tiles feature from Windows 10's Start Menu, a new image has appeared that could confirm the company's plans.

Live Tiles, which arrived alongside the Windows Phone 7 before making their way to the Windows 8 operating system, aren't very popular among users. According to a report from last week, Microsoft is planning to get rid of the feature and replace them with static icons.

Now, an image has been posted to Twitter that allegedly shows the Windows 10 Start Menu without Live Tiles, and it looks... as you'd expect. It certainly appears less cluttered, but it's worth remembering that we don't know if the image is authentic.

Speculation that Microsoft would drop Live Tiles has been around since last year. They continuously pull information in real-time from the likes of Mail, Spotify, and news and weather applications, but the feature hasn't been updated since Windows Mobile came to an end, and more third-party app makers have dropped support.

As noted by WinCentral, the Twitter account that posted the image doesn't reveal details such as Build number, so we don't know when Live Tiles will be killed off. They'll still be in the Windows 10 20H1 update that's scheduled to be pushed out later this year, and the 20H2 update is said to be a minor one, so it's likely that the feature will be removed in Windows 10's 2021 (21H1) update.