In brief: Following news of an indefinite delay for The Last of Us Part II, Sony has pulled the game's listing from the PS Store along with Iron Man VR, and begun refunding digital pre-orders for the two games.

Sony left many PS4 players disappointed with yet another delay for the highly-anticipated TLOU2. The game's release, along with Iron Man VR, was delayed indefinitely this time due to logistic reasons, with Sony now pulling both titles from the PS Store.

Following their delay, Sony removed the pre-order button for both games on the PS4 store and has now taken down their listings as well, with only a few avatars and themes currently showing for TLOU2.

Sony's official support page notes that players who placed digital pre-orders for these games will automatically receive a refund and have been advised to check their email, while the status for physical pre-orders is yet unknown.

Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann also shared his thoughts following TLOU2's delay, noting that the entire studio was now working remotely, balancing their family lives with work, and was just as disappointed as the fans in not being able to get the game out on time.

A demo seems unlikely as well since Druckmann observes that the game has greatly improved since the press demo went out some time ago, and putting out a new one for the public would require a massive amount of effort. He also noted that the studio was looking at "all sorts of different options to get the game out as soon as possible."

Although no release date was announced with the recent delay, gamers were expecting a slight hiccup lasting a couple of months before being able to lay their hands on the games. However, with store listings now removed and refunds being issued, the wait will likely be much longer, and the game releases might just coincide with the PS5's arrival in late 2020, that is if Sony can launch the console on schedule.