Something to look forward to: One wouldn't expect a trailer for a video game about driving large vehicles around rough terrain to be poignant, but that's a good description of the new SnowRunner preview. It pays homage to the millions of drivers who ensure vital supplies are delivered, something we can all appreciate right now.

The sequel to 2017's MudRunner, SnowRunner is another driving sim. This time, it tasks players with completing missions that involve driving across some of the harshest environments the US and Russia have to offer. There are 40 different vehicles available, from 4x4s to massive rigs and military machines, all of which can upgraded and customized.

Unlike the previous 'explainer' trailer, the latest promotional clip takes a very emotional turn. We hear a woman talking to her partner, presumably, saying that their family misses them---many truckers are away from home for months at a time---but understands the importance of their work. The trailer is especially relevant as it has arrived during the Covid-19 crisis, in which many essential workers, including delivery drivers, are putting themselves at risk so society doesn't collapse.

As for the game itself, it features over 30 square kilometers (18.6 miles) of lands to explore, which include challenges such as rivers, ice, and precarious bridges. Missions can be completed in any order, and there are no checkpoints or pre-set routes, letting players decide how to tackle each task. You can also team up with three friends for some co-op fun, taking on the rough terrain as a team.

SnowRunner arrives on the Epic Games Store on April 28.