In context: By now, most of us understand the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic, and have likely taken steps to mitigate our risks. However, for some individuals, that's easier said than done -- older US citizens are in an especially precarious situation. Leaving the house may be mandatory for many, as their advanced age begins to require more hospital visits and prescription pick-ups.

To help mitigate these dangers somewhat, UPS will begin to use its fleet of drones (which we've covered a couple times in the past) to deliver prescriptions to retirees in Florida.

UPS is bringing this service to residents of retirement community The Villages through a partnership with CVS and the use of Matternet M2 quadcopter drones. The service is expected to begin in "early May," provided it doesn't run into any regulatory hurdles.

"Our new drone delivery service will help CVS provide safe and efficient deliveries of medicines to this large retirement community, enabling residents to receive medications without leaving their homes," said UPS chief strategy and transformation officer Scott Price in a statement. "UPS is committed to playing its part in fighting the spread of Coronavirus, and this is another way we can support our healthcare customers and individuals with innovative solutions."

Initially, it sounds like UPS will only be delivering prescriptions from one specific CVS Pharmacy location in Cary, N.C. Since The Villages is home to over 135,000 residents (making it the largest retirement community in the US), it's unlikely that every resident will have access to this new drone delivery service right away. However, if all goes well, UPS is prepared to expand the service to cover two additional CVS locations.