Something to look forward to: Turn-based strategy games are having a resurgence right now, and joining the genre this fall will be Empire of Sin---a title from id Software co-founder John Romero. A new trailer has just been released, revealing details on one of the playable gang bosses: Romero's real-life great-grandmother Elvira, an eccentric character who ran brothels.

In the video, Romero and his wife Brenda, who's the game director, reveal the story of John's great grandmother, Elvira Morales, who walked around with a green parrot on her shoulder that told punchlines to her jokes. She ran three brothels before retiring after winning the Mexican lottery.

Elvira will be one of the playable bosses in the game. Her "mob ability" is something called Devil's Breath, which involves blowing purple smoke on gangsters to take control of them. Sounds cool, though it's unlikely the real Elvira could do this. The in-game character design is based on John's grandmother Socorro, who was one of Elvira's nine children.

In addition to being able to play as Elvira, Empire of Sin lets you choose Irish mobster Dean O'Banion, Harlem racketeer Stephanie St. Clair, and, of course, Al Capone himself.

Turn-based tactics games are quite popular right now, thanks to the brilliant Gears Tactics and the standalone XCOM: Chimera Squad. Empire of Sin combines this style of gameplay with real-time exploration and even RPG elements

Empire of Sin is due to arrive this Fall on PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.