The big picture: Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is no longer affiliated with parent company Alphabet. That said, the tech titan seems to be in good hands right now as Sundar Pichai is serving as CEO of both Alphabet and Google.

Schmidt was recruited by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to lead the company way back in 2001, first as chair of the board of directors then as CEO later that summer. The executive remained in that role through 2011 when he transitioned to executive chairman, paving the way to Page to again lead the company until late 2015 when Sundar Pichai got the nod.

Schmidt stuck around as a technical advisor until his quiet exit in February 2020, a source familiar with the matter recently told CNET.

His departure isn’t entirely unexpected given his diminished role since stepping down as Google CEO. It also gives Schmidt more leeway to expand on his role with the Department of Defense without raising concerns about conflicts of interest.

On a more broad scale, it further represents a changing of the old guard at Google. Many of those associated with Google’s early success including Android creator Andy Rubin and longtime chief legal officer David Drummond are no longer tied to the company.