Something to look forward to: Virtual reality platforms finally got their killer app, of sorts, with the launch of Valve's highly-anticipated VR title Half-Life: Alyx. However, if the Half-Life franchise isn't exactly your cup of tea, there's another exciting VR project for you to look forward to: Iron Man VR.

Whether you're a fan of the Marvel universe or not, Iron Man VR is, by all accounts, shaping up to be a phenomenal experience. Journalists and content creators have gotten the chance to experience the Sony-published game first-hand at various gaming conferences and events, and it sounds like a true superhero simulator.

Naturally, you take on the role of Iron Man from a first-person perspective, and face off against various threats using your built-in repulsor blasters and armored flight suit. The flight system sounds particularly impressive: players can adjust their speed, flight direction, and more using the angle of their hands; just like Iron Man does in Marvel's various films and comics.

You'll have a variety of other iconic gadgets and abilities to toy with, as well, including a chest-mounted Unibeam attack, a high-powered punch, and more. According to Sony, you can even drop by Tony Stark's garage to customize his armor and the aforementioned abilities to your liking.

The impressive-looking game has been delayed multiple times (first to May 15, then indefinitely), most recently due to headaches and logistical challenges posed by Covid-19. However, it seems developer Camouflaj finally has those issues under control, as it today announced a new release date for Iron Man VR: the game is coming to PlayStation VR kits (by way of the PlayStation 4) on July 3.

According to Sony, "more news" about the game will arrive in the coming weeks. We expect that news to include pricing and pre-order details, as Iron Man VR cannot be purchased just yet.