What just happened? Mojang, the maker of Minecraft, is celebrating the best-selling game of all time's 11th birthday by undergoing an image change. The company is now called Mojang Studios, reflecting its multiple worldwide sites, and there's a new logo made up of something called Mojangs, which we can expect to see more of in the future.

Mojang---a Swedish word that translates as "gadget"---has teams in Sweden, the USA, Japan, Canada, and the UK working on Minecraft and its related properties: Diablo-like ARPG Minecraft Dungeons and free-to-play augmented reality mobile title Minecraft Earth. The company said it's also planning a feature film, preparing a live show, and "playing with ideas for brand new games."

Mojang Studios focuses most of its efforts on the Minecraft ecosystem, but news that it's looking to further expand its portfolio is interesting. It released digital collectible card game Caller's Bane (originally Scrolls) back in 2014, the same year the company was acquired by Microsoft for $2.5 billion. There was also turn-based strategy title Crown and Council from 2016.

The logo subtly reveals more of Mojang Studios' plans. The Mojangs it's made from are described as "mysterious little gizmos [that] are powered by play. They test and tinker, endlessly explore, and help us discover new corners of the Minecraft universe." We'll have to wait and see whether they appear in games, as physical toys, or both---perhaps as a toys-to-life product in the same vein as Amiibo and Skylanders.