Something to look forward to: For anyone like me, and other TechSpot staff members, who are of a certain age and have been playing cRPGs longer than they care to disclose, there are few things that excite the way Baldur's Gate 3 does. We've waited years for it. We never lost hope. In our heart of hearts, we knew we'd venture forth once more.

In teasing a new sizzle reel, Larian Studios tweeted out that "It's almost time to venture forth." Attached to the tweet is a 40 second clip showing off some new gameplay footage, spells, environments, and voice work. Take a look.

There's a lot to take in. We see some dungeon spelunking through a crypt, which appears to be the same one we saw through a demo at Pax East. Only this time, fire traps have apparently set the whole floor aflame – a Larian tradition à la Divinity: Original Sin II. And don't blink, or you'll miss the Mage Hand spell pushing an enemy off a cliff.

We also see what appears to be the Underdark, replete with tree-like mushrooms. The Underdark is a prominent setting in the Forgotten Realms campaigns, and some of its most famous inhabitants are the illithids – or the mind flayers. The illithids will be the primary antagonists in Baldur's Gate 3, so taking a stroll through the Underdark seems inevitable.

The clip also notes that the road to the game starts on June 6, which is when the Guerilla Collective games festival kicks off. Larian will be there, obviously, but it appears that'll be just the beginning for Baldur's Gate 3 news.

While all of that is certainly great, there's also a bit of bad news: the game's development has been slowed by the pandemic. To what effect, we don't know exactly but apparently it's still on track for a Steam Early Access release later this year.