In context: Fans of the Total War series are eagerly awaiting the next major entry in the franchise, which will likely be Total War: Warhammer 3. However, since that game hasn't been teased yet, those fans will have to make do with smaller projects in the meantime. Fortunately, one such project is on the horizon: Total War Saga: Troy.

As the name suggests, Troy will be set in the Bronze Age of the Mediterranean, pitting various Greek and Trojan factions against each other. Like other Total War games, it will be rich in lore and mythology, but without the more extravagant monsters and creatures that you'd see in a game like Total War: Warhammer.

However, it won't be a fully historical title. As was the case with Total War: Three Kingdoms, legendary heroes (this time from Greek mythology) will be able to fight on the battlefield as single units, able to go up against entire retinues of infantry with no assistance. These heroes, which include the likes of Achilles and Hector, will have unique battlefield abilities and tools at their disposal to help them survive.

Since this is a "Saga" title, it will be smaller in scope than other entries in this franchise. However, it will undoubtedly still offer gamers dozens of hours of entertainment, particularly if they're interested in the time period (which, notably, is a first for this series).

Unfortunately, A Total War Saga: Troy will not be available on all platforms at launch. When it hits the market on August 13, 2020, it will be a timed Epic Games Store exclusive (for one year in total). It seems developer Creative Assembly anticipated the backlash that this announcement would inevitably cause, and has sought to balance it out with much more positive news: for a full 24 hours after release, Troy will be free-to-keep.

You read that right – if you grab the game on release day, you won't have to pay a dime for it (on the Epic Games Store, anyway). Furthermore, developer Creative Assembly has assured its customers that Troy's timed exclusivity will not be the norm for other Total War games moving forward.

At any rate, you can watch two of Troy's more recent teaser trailers above. Since it will be free on day one, you can't pre-order the game yet, but be sure to check back on August 13 to claim your free copy.