Recap: Facebook's photo transfer tool roll-out has progressed steadily over the past several months. In February, the tool was made available to users in Latin America and Asia Pacific and in March, it arrived for Facebookers in the European Union, the UK and Africa. Those in Canada and the US got access to the transfer tool back in April.

Facebook's photo transfer tool is finally available to users around the world, the social networking giant announced on Thursday. First launched last December in Ireland, the tool allows users to easily transfer their photos from Facebook to other platforms - Google Photos, thus far. Previously, users would have to download their images from Facebook then manually upload them to another service. That's not a big deal if you're dealing with just a few dozen photos or so but for those with hundreds of images, the process is quite time-consuming.

Facebook said the tool is based on code developed for the Data Transfer Project, an open-source initiative involving multiple tech giants including Apple, Microsoft and Twitter. The goal is to promote data portability between online platforms.

To give it a whirl, simply navigate to the 'Your Facebook Information' section in the settings menu and select 'Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos.' From there, you'll need to verify your identity by submitting your password, select the destination for the media and choose 'Confirm Transfer.'

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