Facepalm: One might imagine that Microsoft has learned its lesson when it comes to displaying pop-up nags, but no. It appears that the company is yet again displaying prompts that cover the entire screen, and they're confusing some users.

As reported by Windows Latest, the prompt pushes Windows 10 users to link their PC and account to services 'powered by Microsoft,' such as Office 365, Windows Hello, and the Your Phone app. It's the same notification that's shown when installing or upgrading Windows 10, but the pop-up is appearing when people merely sign in to the OS.

With the prompt familiar to those who've installed a major Windows 10 upgrade or just re-installed the OS, its appearance has caused concern---some users fear their PC has performed an unexpected update or somehow re-installed Windows.

The pop-up is due to a feature that Microsoft added last year, which causes the prompt to appear when users sign in occasionally. Thankfully, there's a way to turn off the "Welcome to Windows" message.

To stop these screens appearing randomly and after updates, simply open the Settings menu using the cog symbol via the Start button or Windows Search, click on System, then open the Notifications & actions section. Now, just uncheck the box that reads: 'Show me the Windows welcome experience after updates and occasionally when I sign in, to highlight what's new and suggested.'

Microsoft has a history of annoying users with full-screen nags. It used them in 2016 to remind people that the Windows 10 free upgrade offer was coming to an end, later admitting that the malware-like tricks "went too far." The company also used the technique more recently to remind Windows 7 owners of the operating system's end of extended support date. Despite their almost universal dislike, Microsoft still believes they're the best way to ram its messages down users' throats.