For a lot of us Phantom just is that, particularly when we see "iffy" articles regarding a Phantom presentation on Penny-Arcade & other negative looking material on HardOCP. A Gamespot moderator however has set out to throw some of this information into a new light.

The CEO, Timothy Roberts, has had countless failed companies - In a statement from a forum administrator, it was confirmed that Tim Roberts did in fact own those companies. However, there is more then simply that. HardOCP released an article stating the final result of these companies but failed to mention that Roberts had SOLD the companies before other CEO's ran them into the ground. Thus, he had nothing to do with the downfall of those companies. Other CEO's ruined them. In fact, all of Roberts' endeavors have been succesful except for 1: B.I.G. 1 out of many is a good track record. Put it in logical terms: why would investors blindly just give Roberts their money? Obviously they do background checks & stuff & the ONLY POSSIBLE WAY he could have made 25,000,000 was a good track record.

Would you like to know more? Thanks Cpt SiskoX.