In brief: Klipsch has carved out quite the reputation for itself over the past 70+ years in the loudspeaker industry, primarily for its promotion of horn-loaded speakers. The company's offerings typically have a distinct sound that people either love or hate and a unique look to go along with it.

American speaker maker Klipsch on Friday introduced a trio of new wireless earphones including a high-end model built in collaboration with the McLaren Formula 1 racing team.

The Klipsch T5 II True Wireless Sport McLaren edition earphones are dust and waterproof (rated IP67), as is the included wireless charging case. There's even a moisture-removal system built into the case to help keep the earphones dry. Each set comes with six pairs of Klipsch ear tips as well as one pair of memory foam ear tips and three sizes of no-budge ear wings to help ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

Klipsch said the earphones afford best-in-class acoustic performance and pack four beamforming microphones for clear voice chat. Battery life is rated at eight hours per charge but you can get up to 24 additional hours of battery life from the charging case for a total of 32 hours.

The McLaren edition earphones feature the company's iconic orange and carbon fiber accents and come with a serialized metal card of authenticity. They'll set you back $249.

If you can do without the McLaren branding and won't miss the wireless charging pad, the Klipsch T5 II True Wireless Sport model can be had for a bit less at $229. A barebones model, the Klipsch T5 II True Wireless earphones, are 25 percent smaller than their predecessor and fit into a slimmer brushed metal case. Expect to pay $199 for the opportunity.

Klipsch said all three models will be available to pre-order from today although as of writing, I'm only seeing the McLaren edition on their website. Look for them to ship on August 10.