In context: Microsoft's Xbox Series X Games Showcase kicked off today, and it was quite an exciting event. Though the bulk of the content shown during the hour-long livestream was comprised of short, pre-rendered trailers with little in the way of proper gameplay, there were still plenty of great reveals.

One game announcement, in particular, is likely to stick in the minds of many gamers for some time. At the very end of the show, Microsoft premiered a trailer for an all-new Fable game, simply (but aptly) called "Fable." The trailer gives away very, very little – indeed, it's more of a teaser trailer than anything else.

However, it does give us a glimpse of the game's world from the perspective of a small, playful green fairy (who promptly gets eaten by a frog toward the end). Since the trailer is completely cinematic, and not – from what we can tell – in-engine, the visual fidelity should be taken with a grain of salt.

We don't know much about the Fable reboot (assuming it is a reboot) at the moment, but Microsoft says it will be a "new beginning" for the series. Further, as past rumors have suggested, Playground Games will be at the helm for Fable's development. Playground is also the studio behind the Forza series, so it'll be interesting to see how their skills with racing games translate to what will likely be an expansive, third-person action RPG.

It's unclear when Fable will release, and it's certainly not available for pre-order yet, but it will launch on Game Pass, the Xbox Series X, and Windows 10 PCs.