In brief: Camouflaj is not allowing some bad reviews to stand in its way of further development on its Iron Man VR game. Today the developer released the first update for the Man of Metal. It adds a "New Game+" mode, improvements to some of the weapons, optimizations, and an even harder difficulty setting (as if it needed one).

Despite the critical reviews, I liked Camouflaj's Iron Man VR. If you missed my review rebuttal, check it out to see why I think you should give it a try if you haven't already. While the game is not perfect, it is far from bad.

Showing that it is listening to the players, Camouflaj has been hard at work making improvements to Iron Man VR. Version 1.06, which rolled out on Friday, includes New Game+. This mode allows players who have completed the game to start over and keep their upgrades and research points.

Of course, starting the game over with a beefed-up suit might make it too easy if you are one who completed the adventure on "Invincible." So Camouflaj added an even more insane difficulty setting called "Ultimate." By the way, if you already completed the game on "Invincible," I would love to shake your hand.

These new features are refreshing but do little to address the chief complaints people had about the game when Iron Man launched last month. However, Camouflaj's first patch also contains updates that attempt to fix some of the issues.

More than one reviewer griped about the combat being too hard and the weapons to difficult to use. It was mostly a matter of the learning curve, but the developers added some new weapons to make battling easier and more varied.

A Continuous Beam Repulsor, EM Charge Cannon, Micro Swarm countermeasure, and Gravity Bomb have been added to the arsenal. There are also some new armor cosmetics. All of these are unlockable at the customization station in Tony Stark's garage. There are also some additional challenges to be found on the mission globe.

Perhaps most notable are Camouflaj's quality of life tweaks. Optimizations have lowered load times, which was another prominent beef among reviewers. On the Shanghai missions (the ones that took the longest to load), the devs reduced load times by as much as 30 seconds.

Players can skip cinematics as well. Previously, users had to watch them every time they started a level. Now, completed missions have an option to skip the cutscene before it loads.

The team also made two of the missions skippable. It said this change was in response to player feedback but did not mention which levels they were. I suspect it's the first two, which serve as tutorials. The option to skip them is on the mission globe. Bear in mind that if you choose to pass over them, they will count as completed in your game, but you will not get the trophies for them unless you finish them.

For a first patch that comes less than two months after the game's release, it looks like Camouflaj is doing a good job addressing player complaints.