Editor's take: Opting to discontinue the Note line is a risky proposition. While not a world-beater in terms of sales, it’s no slouch, either. Replacing it with a new and unproven line would be a huge gamble but if Samsung truly believes foldable phones are the future, the Note's second-half flagship slot would certain be an ideal window to try and sell them in.

Samsung’s just-releases Galaxy Note 20 could be the final entry in the long-running series of high-end Android handsets.

According to a recent report from Korean publication The elec, Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S21 (tentative name) will arrive in the first half of next year with a stylus in tow for the first time. The publication claims three models of the handset are under development and that the S Pen will only accompany the most expensive version, codenamed O3.

The elec further said Samsung has already decided on the hardware specifications for the S21, noting that it won’t include a 3D Time of Flight (ToF) sensor.

Bringing the S Pen to the Galaxy S family sets the stage for the possibility that Samsung could discontinue to Note series. Indeed, with foldables currently vying for attention and large-screen smartphones now the norm rather than the exception, it is entirely plausible that Samsung could phase out the Note and make the Galaxy Fold its new second half flagship.

Image credit: Sushiman, AquaSketches