A hot potato: The fireworks continue between the two tech drama queens, Epic and Apple, as they bicker about the App Store tax. Today, the game maker said the iPhone maker is cutting off its access to the "Sign In with Apple" feature. Users are warned that they might lose their accounts if they do not update their sign-in credentials.

On Wednesday, Epic Games announced via Twitter that users who access Epic accounts through the Sign In with Apple system need to change their login credentials within the next two days. The company says Apple is cutting off its access to the one-click login method, presumably over their ongoing legal battle.

The restriction applies to all Epic services, including Fortnite, the Epic Games Store, and Unreal Engine 5 accounts. Users failing to update by Friday risk losing access. However, the company did say that in the event any users miss the September 11 cut off, they may still be able to recover their account manually by contacting Epic Support. It also updated its help pages today with instructions on how to change sign-in information.

The restriction is just the latest punch to be thrown between the two rivals in their spat over the so-called "App Store tax." Apple threatened to ban all of Epic's developer accounts last month, but Epic was awarded a temporary restraining order from that action until the two companies iron out their differences.

However, the injunctive relief does not prohibit Apple from denying access to its sign-in system. It's is not a devastating blow by the iPhone maker since there are alternative ways for users to log in to their accounts. It is an inconvenience, though, especially for anyone who may have missed the announcement.

Fortunately for Epic, Apple's seemingly retaliatory actions only help the developer in its effort to make the Cupertino powerhouse out to be a bully. In its efforts to pressure Epic to back down, Apple has only galvanized support from Epic's fan base.