Editor's take: Cyan during Facebook’s annual Connect conference today announced a new version of classic PC game Myst for Facebook’s Oculus Quest platform. If the developer is able to capture the magic of the original and repackage it, Myst could become a must-have VR title.

Myst was one of the most influential games ever launched, and for a time, it was also the best-selling PC game in the world. The point-and-click puzzle game featured mind-blowing graphics, a compelling story and a fantastic soundtrack rolled into a single package that was unlike anything seen up to that point.

An announcement trailer on YouTube notes that the game has been revitalized from the ground up for VR and will be available on the Quest platform starting in December 2020.

Unfortunately, the teaser didn’t really provide much of a look at what we can expect the virtual world of Myst to look like although I was able to dig up a few screenshots courtesy of Road to VR.

This won’t be the first VR-compatible title for Cyan as the developer launched a version of Obduction, a spiritual successor to Myst, for various platforms a few years back. There's also a Myst documentary in the works that recently got funded over on Kickstarter.

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