Something to look forward to: Hardcore Need for Speed fans probably remember 2010's Hot Pursuit as one of the last great installments in the racing franchise that could still teach the latest entries a thing or two about cop chases. To EA, the decade-old classic now seems ripe for a remaster, which is what it has been teasing players with over the weekend.

Update: Now confirmed, arrives November 6. Check out the reveal trailer.

High-speed, action-packed police chases were once the hallmark of Need for Speed games, with car customization coming in at a close second. Although NFS: Heat and *cough* NFS: Payback tried to recapture some of that magic with modern graphics, cop chases, and ever-so detailed customization, their seemingly uninspired story modes, boring cutscenes, and lackluster open-worlds ultimately couldn't deliver the adrenaline that players had previously experienced from NFS games in the 2000s.

With 2010's Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Criterion Games found success by combining NFS's high-stakes police chases and licensed cars with Burnout-style hit-and-run crash driving. The thrill of escaping the cops at break-neck speeds was just as exhilarating as taking down suspects with spike strips, jammers, and violent shunts. No unnecessary cut scenes or forced dialogue, just exciting police radio chatter and sirens.

With EA putting Criterion back in charge of the Need for Speed franchise, fans can now look forward to a remaster of the decade-old classic, as teased in a series of cryptic announcements by Need for Speed on Twitter. There's also a countdown timer on EA's official website with a button labeled "Reignite the Pursuit."

The game's box art appears to have leaked for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, confirming it to be a remaster of 2010's Hot Pursuit, with Criterion and Stellar Entertainment behind its development.

Since Criterion took over Need for Speed just a few months ago, it's highly likely that this effort will be similar to what the studio did for Burnout Paradise Remastered, i.e. higher resolutions, higher frame rates, better textures, and support for more consoles (PS4, Xbox One, and the Switch).

The game could arrive for next-gen consoles, too, though Criterion has much bigger plans for them as teased by the 'work in progress' screenshots at this year's EA Play event. For now, it's a continuation of the publisher's 'if you can't beat them, remaster them' spree, the latest of which is the soon to be revealed Hot Pursuit.