The Electrical & Circuits Engineering Certification Bundle will get you up to speed from basic principles on circuitry to the secrets of electrical power plant architecture. All of the field's most important and essential methodologies are part of this bundle for just $59.99.

It's not too late to start down the path toward an exciting career in electrical engineering. With 13 courses and over 30 hours of comprehensive instruction led by electrical engineering pros, this extensive training package will teach you how to build electrical circuits, machines, power generators, and a wide range of other fun electronics projects from scratch.

Here are some of the bundle's highlights:

  • Basic concepts & basic laws: learn about voltage, current, CL, KVL, Ohm's Law, delta-star transformations & more
  • Types of operational amplifiers, in addition to usage of capacitors & inductors in electric circuits
  • Fundamentals of induction machines in electrical machines
  • Learn the basics of rectifiers or AC to DC converters in power electronics
  • Fundamentals of AC & DC choppers in power electronics
  • All about DC machines: importance, construction, types, & processes
  • Basics of light current systems: know your way through fire alarm, CCTV, telephone, data & other systems

After an introduction to the fundamentals of electrical circuits, you'll learn how to craft amplifiers, robotic machines, inverters, light current systems and much more---all through instruction that's easy to follow regardless of your experience level.

Enter the endless and enjoyable world of electrical engineering with the this certification bundle for just $59.99, that's 95% off its usual price for a limited time.

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