Highly anticipated: OnePlus has always been known for selling smartphones that offer excellent value to customers, and the company hopes to maintain that reputation with its latest device, the OnePlus 8T. The gadget was unveiled and launched today with several notable features, including a 120Hz "Fluid Display," a 48MP quad-camera, and "Warp Charge 65."

We'll touch on each of those features in turn, but let's talk design for starters. All in all, the OnePlus 8T won't astonish you in this regard -- it's a sleek phone, to be sure, but it's nothing we haven't seen before. Still, it has a sizable 6.55-inch display, which is all-screen: there are no ugly bezels or troublesome notches to stare at.

Instead, OnePlus solves the selfie camera dilemma with a small, "hole-punch" cut out for the lens. It's hard to say precisely how good or bad that design decision is without trying it for ourselves, but it doesn't look too distracting from what we can tell. The OnePlus 8T has a fairly basic, rectangular shape with rounded corners and a large extrusion at the rear, which houses the 48MP rear-facing camera lenses.

Circling back around to the display, it's running on AMOLED technology, with a 2400x1080p resolution and a peak brightness of 1,100 nits. As mentioned before, the refresh rate is 120Hz, which seems to be the new blazingly-fast standard for high-end smartphones. The display is, of course, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, while featuring "enhanced haptics 2.0" to better mimic the feeling of pressing physical buttons.

There's also an Always On Display feature, the first of its kind in a OnePlus smartphone. By "popular demand," you can now display real-time information on your device even while it's asleep -- you can display clocks, "Bitmoji," and other designs.

In terms of under-the-hood hardware, the OnePlus 8T contains a Snapdragon 865 SOC, an X55 5G Chipset, an Adreno 650 GPU, and either 8GB or 12GB of LPDDR4X RAM. For your storage needs, you can choose between a 128GB and 256GB drive.

The OnePlus 8T supports the latest version of the company's Warp Charge technology, Warp Charge 65. This time around, a Warp Charge-supported cable (included with the phone) can fully charge your device in just 39 minutes. A quicker 15-minute charging session will apparently give the phone's 4,500 mAh battery enough juice to last an entire day.

Notably, the charger included with your 8T is USB-C based, and it can be used to quickly charge a wide variety of devices, not just the phone itself. OnePlus lists handheld gaming consoles (such as the Nintendo Switch), the OnePlus Buds, and modern laptops as potential beneficiaries for the charger's 45W power output.

Unfortunately, as great as the OnePlus 8T sounds for just $750 -- we've certainly seen worse value propositions -- the company is still skimping out on wireless charging. As with its predecessors, you'll only be able to recharge with a direct cable connection; there's no Qi support here.

For more details about the OnePlus 8T or how to pre-order, visit the official store. The 8T comes in two colors: Lunar Silver and Aquamarine Green, and buying one now will net you a "mystery gift," though we haven't a clue what it might be. The OnePlus 8T will start shipping October 16.