VR resurgence: Despite some controversies surrounding the device, Facebook's Oculus Quest 2 performs exceptionally well in the sales department, as we reported earlier this week. However, thanks to a recent company earnings call with Mark Zuckerberg, we now have some actual data to quantify the its exact level of success. Apparently, the Oculus Quest 2 has been preordered an astounding five times more than its predecessor, the original Quest.

That's a tremendous leap forward, and there are many potential reasons for the Quest 2's newfound success. For starters, the standalone unit is only $299 -- that's significantly less than the price of a new gaming console, and it's also $100 cheaper than 2019's Oculus Quest.

This makes the Quest 2 one of the most accessible VR headsets in the world, barring the likes of the Samsung Gear VR or similar phone-based VR solutions (many of which barely exist anymore).

Additionally, with the Covid-19 pandemic still ravaging the globe, many people work from home these days. That means that, on average, they'll likely have more free time to enjoy leisure activities, and affordable VR is a great way to break the tedium that otherwise might set in from watching Netflix or Hulu every day.

If you want to give the Oculus Quest 2 a whirl despite its mandatory Facebook account integration, units are available through the Oculus website right now. In addition to the $299 base model (with 64GB of storage), there's also a 256GB variant for an extra $100, bringing the total up to $399.