Why it matters: Even if you already have a webcam, EpocCam could be useful as many utilize it to create a multi-cam setup, adding another angle to their content. And since footage is streamed to your computer over Wi-Fi, you won't need to run a whole mess of wires to make it happen.

Corsair has added another asset to its growing portfolio this week with the acquisition of smartphone app EpocCam. Financial terms of the purchase were not shared.

For the uninitiated, EpocCam is a mobile app that allows users to turn their iPhone or iPad into a webcam for use on Windows and macOS-based systems. It is compatible with most major video applications including Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and OBS Studio.

According to Corsair's presser on the matter, the app has been downloaded from the App Store more than five million times.

Corsair said EpocCam will join its family under the Elgato subsidiary to further cater to content creators. Corsair, if you recall, scooped up Elgato's gaming business in mid-2018 in a bid to get more involved in the streaming community.

To celebrate the acquisition, Elgato is "relaunching" the EpocCam app on iOS, integrating its features into the wider Elgato ecosystem. Additional updates are already in development, we're told.

Masthead credit: MikolajS