What just happened? Best Buy is expanding its product delivery options beyond typical shipping methods soon. As part of a new partnership with Instacart, Best Buy will be able to offer same-day deliveries to the vast majority of its customers across the US. Just about every store location will support this new service with a delivery fee of just $4.

Since many of Best Buy's most popular products, such as TVs and other electronics, can cost well above $100, a $4 delivery fee should be fairly easy for the average customer to stomach.

Best Buy hasn't posted a full list of every product that will be supported through its new Instacart partnership, but it lists categories like appliances, smartwatches, gaming devices, home office essentials, headphones, and tablets as potential candidates.

There is a catch, though: Best Buy is limiting these same-day orders to $500 or less. Whether that's for liability purposes (perhaps Best Buy thinks an Instacart driver may be more willing to run off with, say, a $1,000 video card) or an entirely different reason, we cannot say.

Regardless, this service should prove pretty useful to many customers, especially with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner. Instead of trampling other excited customers in a race to get the best deals, you can have an Instacart driver take care of it for you – just make sure you tip them well.

If you want to give this expanded service a try, you have two options: visit the Best Buy section of Instacart's website and ensure that your local store is supported, or download the Instacart app and do the same thing.