TL;DR: Two retailers have prematurely listed Nvidia RTX 3000 parts inside Asus and Gigabyte laptops. Although the migration to mobile wasn't unexpected, some of the finer details raise eyebrows.

South African digital retailer Pinnacle has listed four Asus laptops, with four different RTX 3000 GPUs, and two different AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs. The flagship Ryzen 9 5900HX, about which little is known, has been paired with the RTX 3080 mobile and RTX 3070 mobile. The 5900HS has been paired with the RTX 3060.

Unexpectedly, the RTX 3080 mobile has been listed with 16 GB of dedicated memory. On the desktop, it's only got 10 GB. It's quite a bizarre change, particularly relative to the 3080's memory controller configuration, so perhaps this is an erroneous listing. If not, though, this will be interesting to watch perform.

Further down the product stack, things only get stranger. The RTX 3060 has yet to make an appearance on desktop (the 3060 Ti launched this week), yet here it is in a laptop. It's listed with a piddly 6 GB of dedicated memory. An unnamed Quadro RTX 3000 graphics card is also listed with 6 GB. It's paired with a Ryzen 4000 processor.


Laptop CPU GPU
Zephyrus Duo 15 SE R9 5900HX RTX 3080
Zephyrus Duo 15 SE R9 5900HX RTX 3070
Zephyrus G14 R9 5900HS RTX 3060
Zephyrus G15 - Quadro RTX 3000


On that same note, seven Gigabyte Aero and Aorus laptops have been listed by a Dutch retailer. The RTX 3080 Max-Q, RTX 3070 Max-Q, and RTX 3060 Max-P graphics cards have been paired with Intel's (released) octa-core tenth-gen processors, the i9-10980HK and i7-10870H.

These laptops were listed with prices in euro, which have been converted into USD in the table below (but the original prices are in the screenshot). Except for the pricey Aero 17 HDR, which has a 4K display and 64 GB of RAM, the prices are high but fairly reasonable. The mobile 3000 series should cost about the same as the mobile 2000 series, or maybe a bit more at launch.

Laptop CPU GPU Price (USD)
Aero 17 HDR i9-10980HK RTX 3080 Max-Q $5150
Aorus 17G i7-10870H RTX 3070 Max-Q $2710
Aero 15 i7-10870H RTX 3070 Max-Q $2710
Auros 15G i7-10870H RTX 3070 Max-Q $2310
Aero 15 OLED i7-10870H RTX 3060 Max-P $2310
Auros 15P i7-10870H RTX 3060 Max-P $2170
Auros 15G i7-10870H RTX 3060 Max-P $2030

Nvidia has made it a habit to announce and release products at odd times, so it's difficult to speculate about the release schedule of RTX 3000 mobile. AMD, on the other hand, is the opposite: they're very likely to announce Ryzen 5000 mobile at CES 2021, in early January.

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