In context: Hey, whatever happened to Stadia being seamlessly functional with YouTube? We were supposed to be able to broadcast live feeds straight from Stadia to YouTube. As it is currently, you have to have separate streaming software to go live. Fortunately, that is reportedly changing starting December 9.

It's been over a year since launch, and Stadia only has limited functionality with YouTube. Players can livestream their Stadia games, but only via third-party software. However, starting on Wednesday, video streaming to YouTube will become a native function in Stadia.

When Google introduced Stadia, it promised the cloud-gaming service would be tightly integrated with YouTube. For example, players were supposed to be able to fire up a game or join the session with their favorite YouTuber at the click of a button on the video.

While video interaction features are still nowhere to be seen, 9to5Google noticed a new "Stream directly to YouTube" option when trying to start a broadcast. The function is greyed-out and unselectable for most users, but for a small number it is already live. Google confirmed to The Verge that it rolls out for everyone December 9, which is tomorrow. However, it will only be available in the web app. It is unknown if or when it will make its way to native Chromecast Ultra or Android apps.

The addition of the one-click YouTube-streaming feature coincides with the launch of Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt Red's epic action RPG does not officially release until Thursday, but some Stadia and PC users can begin playing starting tomorrow, depending on their timezone relative to midnight GMT.

Image credit: The Verge