In brief: Nintendo dashed all hopes of launching a miniature version of its beloved Nintendo 64 console more than two years ago, but that doesn't mean everyone gave up on the idea. One YouTuber ran with the concept and even took it a step further by creating what is believed to be the world's smallest portable Nintendo 64.

One of Gunnar's self-imposed requirements with the project was to create a portable using original Nintendo 64 hardware, not custom PCBs (the only exception being, he could use parts that were readily available on the modding market). This meant he had to trim the original board, relocate other pieces and hand-wire it all together. One bad solder and the whole thing could stop working.

Gunnar also elected to use thumbsticks from the Nintendo Switch and a single 18650 battery in the build, both of which helped save space. 3D printing was also key as it allowed Gunnar to build a custom chassis and rearrange the buttons as needed for the new design.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the build is the fact that the portable accepts standard Nintendo 64 cartridges.

All things considered, Gunnar accomplished his goal of creating the world's smallest portable Nintendo 64. "The battery life sucks. It's uncomfortable to hold. But hey, it fits in my pocket."

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