WTF?! The pandemic has turned remote working from a desire (for some) into a necessity. But while working from home has its perks, there are negative aspects. To address some of these elements, car-maker Nissan has come up with a concept that could make working remotely a lot more... remote.

The increasing power and portability of modern laptops allow us to work pretty much anywhere: coffee shops, park benches, planes. Nissan's Caravan NV350 Office Pod Concept expands on that idea by letting people take the the office with them, kind of.

While some RVs are designed with a focus on remote working, Nissan's vision has something those vehicles lack: an office section that slides out from the rear door. Activated via an accompanying app, the feature could appeal to anyone wanting to Zoom while surrounded by nature. There's even a polycarbonate floor in this section---imagine taking a break from Excel to watch some wild fish beneath your feet.

Other features include black light carpeted floor mats and electric shades. In the case of the latter, those choosing to work inside the vehicle, whether due to the weather, marauding animals, or a desire to check out Pornhub, can activate the shades instantly to ensure privacy.

Elsewhere, the office comes with a very comfortable, usually expensive, Herman Miller Cosm chair. There's a glove compartment with a UV antibacterial lamp, while a DC/AC inverter powers equipment. And when you're done with work for the day, take a break on the rooftop deck that comes complete with sun lounger and parasol.

The NV350 is a lot smaller than most RVs, so don't expect a bathroom, shower, or a bed, but it's certainly an exciting concept for those who like working on the road.