WTF?! Do you play a lot of PC games? Would you like to be paid around $41,000 to indulge in your hobby/pastime/obsession for a year? That enticing prospect appears to be on offer from a UK system builder, which is seeking a gamer to run its "Overpowered User Experience" department.

As reported by PC Gamer, OPSYS is a recently founded PC system builder from Stockport in the UK. It's looking for someone to play games on its computers, offering £30,000 (around $41,000) for the 12-month-long position.

"Instead of paying some ad guy £30k to promote the most overpowered computers in the world, we're giving you £30k to play games on them," explains the company.

The ad's wording gives you an idea of what OPSYS is looking for: "Game-Addicts only. OPSYS's Overpowered User Experience (OUX) Engineer can't spend the whole day looking up wtf gamers are talking about. You have to know. So, immediately have thoughts on the meta, the memes, and the best way to minmax your way to an easy win, you're right for this job."

It's also stipulated that there should be no trolls or clans, and it appears that disliking your parents could be an asset.

Whether this is a real competition or a publicity stunt is debatable. OPSYS has minimal, albeit positive, feedback, and the application process involves posting a 60-second video on social media explaining why you deserve the position and using a company hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.

What the job entails beyond playing games is unclear, though it sounds like promoting the firm will be a requirement. The full-time position is performed remotely, and there's no mention of it being open to UK residents only. Applications close on April 9, with the final interview taking place on April 12.