Something to look forward to: Finding a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S or new graphics card might range from difficult to impossible right now, but a new console launches next month that shouldn't face the same shortage issues. The catch is that it's aimed squarely at retro fans---the RetroN Sq only supports Game Boy, GBC, and GBA cartridges.

Hyperkin makes several gaming accessories, including a 4-Port Controller Base for the GameCube that's compatible with the Switch. It also makes modern takes on classic consoles, such as its RetroN 77, which uses original Atari 2600 cartridges and upscales them.

The RetroN Sq connects to a TV via an HMDI cable and is able to upscale Game Boy titles to 720p. Users can also alternate the aspect ratio between either 4:3 or 16:9.

Controlling the games is a wired USB "Scout" controller that bears a striking resemblance to a SNES controller, shape-wise. The console also comes with a 3-foot HDMI cable and a 6-foot USB-C cable with an AC adapter.

While Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges are supported, GBA games remain a "beta feature." You also get a memory card slot at the rear for firmware updates.

The very CameCube-like RetroN Sq is available in 'Hyper Beach'---turquoise exterior with fuchsia buttons---and 'Black Gold,' which is made up of a black body and gold-colored buttons.

The RetroN Sq is available to pre-order now for $74.99. It launches on March 25.