In brief: Vehicle subscription services are starting to pick up steam: Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche all offer subscribers access to a pre-determined selection of vehicles for one monthly fee – think of the concept as the Netflix of vehicles. Porsche's subscription service is getting a service area expansion, and an entirely new vehicle option: the Taycan 4S EV.

We'll cover both of those bits of news in turn, but for starters, a bit of background – Porsche Drive is, as we said, a vehicle subscription service, but it comes in two varieties. There's the single-vehicle subscription, which requires either a one or three-month commitment and gives you access to one Porsche vehicle for the duration of your membership.

Then there's the multi-vehicle subscription – this lets you select and swap between an entire fleet of Porsche vehicles, but you have to pay every month. All versions of Drive grant you access to insurance coverage, "White-Glove Delivery," roadside assistance, and more.

With that out of the way, onto today's news: Drive is coming to five additional cities, including San Francisco, San Jose, Irvine, Monterey, and Houston. Since four cities were previously supported (Atlanta, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and San Diego), Drive is officially available in nine locations. That's not much when you consider how huge the US is, but it still means the service has effectively doubled in size.

If you are fortunate enough to live in one of the cities mentioned above, you can finally experience Porsche's first "purely electric sports car" as part of your Drive membership. However, there's a catch: the Taycan 4S is only available on a daily rental basis, or through a single-vehicle Drive subscription.

If you opt for the latter, you'll need to pay $3,250 per month. If you'd prefer the former, it'll run you $335/day for one to three days of usage or $295/day if you keep the Taycan for four or more days. Note that taxes are not included in these price estimates, so be prepared to shell out some extra cash.