In brief: We know that Fortnite's iOS version made plenty of money for Epic Games before Apple booted the game off the App Store, but it was far from the most lucrative platform. That honor goes to the PlayStation 4, which accounted for 46.8% of Fortnite's total revenue between March 2018 and July 2020.

With Epic's trial against Apple starting next week, court documents have been released that reveal just how much money Fortnite generates on each platform. The PlayStation 4 is the clear leader, being responsible for 46.8% of the game's total revenue for the specified period. Sitting behind Sony's machine is the Xbox One, which generated 27.5%.

Fortnite on iOS brought in over $700 million before being removed by Apple, but it still accounts for just 7% of the game's total revenue. The remaining 18% of the pie was shared by between PC, Android, and the Nintendo Switch.

Apple iOS revenue was predicted to make up even less of Fortnite's overall income in 2020. A deposition of Epic Games' David Nikdel, a senior programmer who works on the backend services for Fortnite, has the iOS share at just 5.8%, while Xbox One is at 24% and the PS4 "almost" 40%.

The success of Fortnite on the PlayStation likely influenced the $200 million Sony Group Corporation recently invested in Epic Games. The Japanese tech giant increased Epic's valuation last year to $17.9 billion through a $250 million investment for a 1.4% stake.

Ultimately, this means that Fortnite won't be taking much of a hit if it never returns to the App Store. The game made nearly $2 billion in 2019, so losing 6% - 7% of that amount isn't going to bankrupt Epic when console and PC players continue buying V-Bucks.